Bed & Breakfasts in Buxton


One of Buxton’s defining characteristics is its prevalence of charming B&Bs. It’s the way to go for an authentic stay in the town: lodging houses for those coming to take the waters have been known since the 17th century.

Barms Farm

Barms Farm, both the pristine en-suite bathrooms have Villeroy & Boch double ended baths.

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Bed & Breakfasts in Buxton

  • 9 Green Lane – 9 Green Lane, SK17 9DP
  • Alpine Lodge Guest House – Hardwick Mount, SK17 6PS
  • Ash Corner B&B – 10 Ash St, SK17 6LL
  • Barms Farm – Fairfield Rd, SK17 7HW
  • Braemar B&B – 10 Compton Road, SK17 9DN
  • Buxton Hilbre B&B – 8 White Knowle Road, SK17 9NH
  • Compton Guest House – 4 Compton Road, SK17 9DN
  • Corbar Bank Guest Accommodation – 20 Corbar Road, SK17 6RQ
  • Grendon B&B – Bishop’s Ln, SK17 6UN
  • Griff House – 2 Compton Road, SK17 9DN
  • Grosvenor House Guest House – 1 Broad Walk, SK17 6JE
  • Hawthorn Farm Guest House – Fairfield Rd, Fairfield, SK17 7ED
  • Kingscroft – 10a Green Lane, SK17 9DP
  • Lowther Guest House – 7 Hardwick Square West, SK17 6PX
  • Netherdale – 16 Green Lane, SK17 9DP
  • No.6 The Square – 6 The Square, SK17 6AZ
  • Roseleigh Guest House – 19 Broad Walk, SK17 6JR 
  • Stoneridge Guest House – 9 Park Road, SK17 6SG
  • The Old Manse Guest House – 6 Clifton Road, Silverlands, SK17 6QL

Grosvenor House Guest House

The Old Manse Guest House

9 Green Lane

Stoneridge Guest House

Grendon B&B

Roseleigh Guest House

Barms Farm

Alpine Lodge Guest House

No.6 The Square Accommodation

Griff House B & B

Compton Guest House

Ash Corner

Braemar B&B

Buxton Hilbre B&B

Corbar Bank


Lowther Guest House


Hawthorn Farm Guest House

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