Buxton Festival Book Weekend 24 to 26 November

24th November to 26th November 2017

Buxton Festival’s next literary event is the Book Weekend from November 24 to 26   when Lib Dem Leader Sir Vince Cable, BBC star Jeremy Vine and Blackadder’s Baldrick – alias Tony Robinson (pictured above) – will be among the speakers.

Jeremy will be talking about what he has learnt from the thousands of listeners who call in to  his radio show, and author John Higgs will describe how history ought to be right up your street – Watling Street, in fact, the ancient road which links Dover to Holyhead and runs through the nation’s past as much as it does its countryside.

A major new biography of the artist Gainsborough will be discussed, and other areas of history will include medieval queens and Britain’s age of decadence.

Other speakers include Timothy Bentinck, Alison Weir and more….

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