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Here at South 16 we wanted to introduce a style of eating rather than a form of cooking based on the concept of sharing with friends and family. With this in mind; we have created a menu looking to the idea of the tapas little dishes, as a fun way to get together for a drink and a meal and try new flavors.

The literal meaning for the word “tapa” is “cover or “coaster.” According to popular stories and old legends, in Castilla, Spain, the land of Don Quixote, men frequented taverns where the most popular drink was red wine. Wine barrels and taverns were an attractive place for wine flies and other flying pests. The custom of covering a glass of wine with a tapa became a necessity to avoid flies drowning in the wine. At the same time the King of Spain, Alfonso X el Sabio, forbade all taverns under his kingdom to serve wine or alcohol if not accompanied by a small amount of food in order to prevent drunkenness and misconduct. The mandatory portion of food served was placed over the coaster, named tapa, and the food snack itself became known as tapa.

South 16 offers an eclectic mix of music, books, art and stories influenced from around the world and so we love the origins of this story, which in our view just made the word tapas more interesting.

Another little snippet of humor and joy to relish with the food and wine.


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South 16

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