About Images on the Visit Buxton website

Images supplied for use in connection with business listings on this website should be good quality jpegs at least 800 pixels wide.

Due to the way images are displayed on the website, images should be landscape format and approximately in the ratio of 3:2. Images supplied in other proportions may be cropped to comply with the format of the website.

For us to be able to use your images, you must be the owner of the image copyright, and agree to allow Vision Buxton to reproduce the images on the Visit Buxton website.

Please email all images for your listing to administrator@visionbuxton.co.uk clearly stating the name of the business to which they relate.

Vision Buxton reserves the right to decline to publish any image that it deems unsuitable.

Please note that all images on the Visit Buxton Website should be assumed to be protected by copyright and should not be used without first obtaining the permission of the owner.